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About us
We Are Art

Ghost Factory is an artist collective dedicated to inspiring the creative spirit within all of us, nurturing the local art scene, and providing a platform for youth voices. We aim to bring the arts to every classroom and invite young artists into the Colorado Springs creative community. We celebrate the courage of artists to explore painful spaces, the strange inner worlds that exist within us, and the transformative power of art to impact lives and communities.

We Celebrate Youth Voice

We support youth creators as they seek to find the song, the story, the painting that expresses their imaginative inner world. We provide a space for youth voice so that their truths can seek the light.

We Bring the Arts into the Classroom

We view curriculum as an art form that can guide students into magical spaces and through strange strange landscapes.


We publish poetry and songs, fiction and graphic art, meditations and multimedia mixed genre expressions. We celebrate work that inspires others to seek their own expressive voice.

Art Opens Space Within Us

Art allows us to find the space within in us that screams and cries and seeks justice and demands change..

Youth Expression Matters

Youth expression matters because it allows young people to explore and voice their ideas and concerns, heal their traumas, and empower them to use the force of their imagination to make a positive impact on the world around them.

We Need Your Help

Join us in our mission to foster creativity and provide opportunities for artistic expression and education.

Our lives are stories we create

Your support helps us continue to create inspiring content and promote art education for youth in our community.

It is Writing that Gives us Hope

Writing is more than just putting words on paper, it is a state of being and living, a way of processing our thoughts, emotions, and experiences, and a tool for shaping our reality and creating a better future.

Tell Your Story

It is our ability to create stories that gives us hope. And it is our ability to speak our stories that makes others believe that there is still something to be hopeful for.

Write New Stories

If we don’t write new stories, then all we trapped by the hopelessness of the current story.

We Are A Collective of Artists and Writers, Educators and Dreamers.

Here at Ghost Factory Arts Collective, we aim to spread the love of creative expression and exploration. We believe that art has the power to connect people, challenge assumptions, and inspire new ways of thinking. Whether it’s through our workshops, publications, or immersive experiences, we strive to provide a space for people to engage with art in a meaningful way..

Art is the Window through which we can see a new and beautiful future.

Here at Ghost Factory Arts Collective, we believe that art is more than just a form of self-expression – it’s a tool for positive change. Through the power of art, we can challenge our assumptions, celebrate the strange and the weird, and open our minds to new possibilities. Join us in our mission to spread the love of art, and let’s create together. Together, we can use our creativity to shape a better world.

The Arts Matter

The purpose of art is to lay bare the questions that have been concealed by the answers.

– James Baldwin

Transformative art must express something beyond where you are, it demands that you grow beyond your current self. This is where an artist’s angst and the pain of transformation coincide. You reach toward the true, the good and the beautiful and become a better person through the struggle.

– Alex Grey, artist

The arts matter because we matter, and our stories matter. We are moving miracles, walking creators engaging in a cosmic dance. The art we express is timeless.

– Mohammed Sheriff

Inside of us, deep inside of us, there is a space that we cannot explore without art.

– Ghost Factory

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